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  “If you’re using Pinterest as part of how you make a living, whether by driving traffic to a blog that makes you some money or to build your personal brand to find customers for your products or services, you should sign up for a business account and agree to our Business Terms of Service.” From here, you’ll then be able to display your company or brand name as the title of your Pinterest profile instead of your first and last name, you’ll be able to get insider tips and strategies from Pinterest (they provide a lot of free educational materials) and you’ll be able to verify your website. As mentioned, it’s this latter step that enables you to see which of your photos and images are getting shared on Pinterest, getting repined and getting commented on. Verifying your URL also has another benefit – it adds your hyperlink to the top of your profile. This now means that anyone who discovers your Pinterest account will now be able to quickly discover your website as well and that means m